Nordic collaboration sets all-time record for co-productions

In a year full of obstacles caused by the pandemic, the Nordvision partners still managed to go full steam ahead in their cooperative work. Never before have the partners produced so much content through joint efforts as in 2021, when looking at the number of co-productions.

Secretary General Henrik Hartmann sees this year as perhaps the most strategically important in the partnership’s history, because the partners have invested in each other’s content to an unprecedented degree.

Co-production by genres 2021

Årsrapport 2021

Denne artikkelen er en del av Nordvisions redegjørelse for det nordiske samarbeidet i 2021

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For children’s programming in particular, all expectations were surpassed by going beyond an already ambitious goal set for the new drama collaboration B14. This year offered no fewer than 24 Nordic children’s drama series – 10 more than the original target.

Co-production and development pitches – 2021

The year also saw an unusually great appetite for producing youth drama content, boosted by an unexpected one million DKK.

And then NRK’s drama series Exit delivered a real “segment smasher” by also attracting young viewers to the Nordic public service streaming services, to an extent that makes this series the biggest streaming success in the N12 partnership’s history, which now covers four years and 48 series.