Seminars become a permanent feature

Over the past few years, Nordvision has occasionally organised staff seminars centred on four specific
themes. Interest in these meetings has become so great that the events will become a permanent fixture each year from now on.

Louise Thornton at Festival of Digital Narratives. Photo: Ilmari Fabritius.

Both staff and management of the Nordvision partner companies have shown great interest in meeting, sharing experiences and gaining inspiration about the latest trends in their fields.

This became evident from the response to seminars organised by Nordvision over the past few years.

The events were aimed at specific groups of employees who do not usually have the opportunity to bounce ideas off their peers at their own workplaces.

Social media trends was the topic addressed at the first joint seminar for Nordic staff.

“The Nordic media outlets all hired social media editors at around the same time, and they all faced exactly the same challenge. There was a real need to develop staff skills and to share experiences,” says Henrik Hartmann, Secretary General at Nordvision.


FACTS: Topics and timing for the 2019 seminars:
– Publishing Hack – March
– Social Media Academy – May
– Festival of Digital Narratives – autumn
– Hack Day – autumn


Making an exception

Since then, seminars have covered topics such as technology, publishing and digital narratives. Nordvision usually only provides funding for specific projects.

However, they make an exception when it comes to seminars.

“It tends to be much more expensive and more complicated to send staff on external courses where they can spend time ‘nerding out’ with peers. So it makes complete sense that we join forces to organise the seminars,” says Henrik Hartmann.