Cooperation makes winners of us all

In 2019, Nordvision will have existed for 60 years. The partnership has evolved and is now more necessary than ever. In these challenging times, strong partnerships are vital to media providers in general and to public service media in particular. As public service providers, we can produce and provide more, better and less expensive content when we join forces and cooperate.

Foto: Ville Vilén/Yle

Experience speaks for itself. The motto for our cooperation is ‘we  share what we own’, with no petty distinction between who gives or receives the most. And we like to claim that the Nordvision cooperation has made winners of all its partners.

None of the Nordic public service providers are able to meet the many technological and competitive challenges unaided. Coordinating information, strategies and solutions enables each of us to strengthen our own national position.

One example of this is the significant boost to cooperation on Nordic drama, with no less than twelve new Nordic drama series being aired in 2018, twelve in 2019, and so on. All are available in all of the Nordic countries for twelve months.

Consequently, in 2018 alone, the Nordvision partners invested record amounts in each other’s drama productions, and Nordic drama has experienced the best year ever in terms of number of co-productions in this genre. The ambitions of the Nordvision partnership are also clearly reflected in the variety of drama for youth and young adults. More than ten co-produced drama series aimed at this audience will premiere in 2019.

Investigative journalism is another area in which Nordic and European countries cooperate, and this played a key role when 17 media outlets in northern Europe simultaneously exposed one of the great frauds in the history of the world.

Focus on cooperation is also one of the cornerstones when the Nordvision partners, alternately and in close collaboration, arrange recurring seminars intended to boost digital skills among their staff. Four different seminars were held in 2018 – the Social Media Seminar, Nordic Hack Day, Publishing Hack and Festival for Digital Narratives – and all will take place again in 2019. Evaluations of these events indicate that much can be gained from sharing the best experiences from our interaction with digital reality. No professional development courses exist that can teach new knowledge in such a concentrated format or establish such invaluable contact across the companies.

This annual report gives an overview of 2018’s other excellent co-productions, inspiring development projects, interesting programme exchanges and useful expert network meetings, all with a common denominator of trustful and rewarding cooperation.

After 60 years of cooperation, the Nordvision partnership’s greatest strength is that all of the partners continue to see and feel the mutual benefits. Consequently, the partnership is still very much alive and well today.

Marit af Björkesten
Director and Editor in Chief of Swedish Yle
and Chair of Nordvision 2016-2018

Øyvind Lund
Media Director at NRK and new Chair of Nordvision 2019-2021

Henrik Hartmann
Secretary General, Nordvision