10 key takeaways from Social Media Academy

More than 100 some-specialists from public service-institutions in five countries met in Oslo to learn and share, brought together by NRK and Nordvision. Here are the conference takeaways served as fast food. Enjoy!

By Ib Keld Jensen

1. Loose control to get relationship. Let teens tell stories in their own tone of voice. Avoid to be the awkward uncle trying to be cool with the cool kids.

2. Snapchat dead or alive:
Snapchat is dying due to terrible remake. Teens are fleeing.
No, Snapchat is very much alive. Still number two after Facebook in news.

3. Rethink your workflow. Meetings – budget – approval – more meetings … doesn’t work well. Get out of your comfortzone and rethink your workflow.

4. Be focused: Deciding what your account will post doesn’t limit your creativity on how you tell stories.

5. Answer the big WHY: What will I get out of this. Why should I follow your account? Every follower ask themselves these question. You need to have the answer.

6. Be personal. It can be harder to subscribe to a company, than to a person.

7. Befriend your followers. Make your followers feel like you are their friend.

8. Take a shortcut. It may be easier to engage with an influencer with an audience in stead of buliding your own community starting from scratch.

9. Publish enough. Depending on platform you should publish on a daily basis and not less than weekly.

10. Don’t be boring. Each post does not have to be outstanding, but don’t go below your own standards of awesomeness. Don’t post just to post.