PREFACE: Nordic cooperation defied the coronavirus

Against all odds, and in spite of all coronavirus-related obstacles, 2020 was the second-best year in the partnership’s history in terms of the number of Nordic co-productions. In total, we co-produced more than 2,200 programme episodes and completed more than 260 projects and TV series.

Children’s drama, adult drama, youth drama and factual series are currently the main areas of collaboration. In strategic terms, it is important that we focus our content collaborations on the kind of content which also has top priority for the partners. Viewed from this angle, 2020 did not become the year of crisis we might have feared.

2020 was the second-best year in the partnership’s history with regard to the number of Nordic co-productions.

A direct result is that we work together to strengthen the Nordic collaboration on children’s TV even further, currently using the working title Barn14 (B14). Nordic collaboration on children’s TV is unparalleled in the world when it comes to volume, quality, content sharing, formats and knowledge exchange.

Together, we stand a better chance of being heard. We have tapped into this in 2020, when DR, NRK, RUV, SVT, SR, UR and Yle joined forces to offer our view on the digital future in Europe. Among the points we made clear to the EU is that Nordvision’s partners want the international tech giants to respect the public service broadcasters’ editorial independence.

2020 was also the year when the pan-Nordic public service partnership came to include all territories in the Nordic region, as we were able to welcome Ålands Radio och TV Ab from the Åland Islands as a new member of Nordvision. This group of islands is an autonomous region of Finland
with a population of 30,000.

Thank you for our great cooperation in 2020. We eagerly anticipate a new year where our partnership is once more free to flourish across the entire Nordic region.

Chair of Nordvision and Media Director at NRK,
Øyvind Lund

Secretary General, Nordvision
Henrik Hartmann