Nordvision Pitch Mode

A tool for Nordvision's pitch sessions

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What is Pitch Mode?

It is a feature in the project calendar on This tool creates an overview of the projects featured in a pitch session during Nordvision meetings.

Pitch Mode enables commissioning editors, and meeting participants following the pitch session, to get a better overview of each project; review the most relevant information, view embedded video, and (for the commissioning editors) mark their interest in the project.

Pitch Mode is not a tool for pitching; this is still done through traditional presentations by screen sharing in the online meeting room.

Where do I find it?

Pitch Mode can be accessed by logging on to your profile here on Go to the project calendar, and select the desired content genre. Deselect all projects. Then manually select the projects you wish to be included in the pitch session. Then, simply click Pitch Mode in the upper right-hand corner of the projects list.

Pitch Mode will then be launched. As the pitch session moves on, select the next project in the drop-down menu.


Pitch Mode enables the project owner to embed a video into the project overview. To do so, paste the link to your video (which should be uploaded to an external video service, such as Vimeo or Youtube) into the video link field on your project’s page in the project calendar. If your project does not yet include a video, you can also feature a still image, by uploading your image to the project calendar.


Contact the secretariat with any questions you might have.