N12 – Nordic Drama

The Nordic public service media companies DR, NRK, RUV, SVT and YLE are renowned worldwide for their outstanding Nordic drama productions. High quality drama, built on strong public service ambitions, has become one of our distinguishing trademarks.

Six years ago (2017), the Nordic public media companies formed what is now known as Nordic 12. Following the device “stronger together”, the partners set out to grant their audiences the best possible drama offering by committing to twelve joint drama productions each year.

Fast forward to today, and the answer is clear: The collaboration has so far resulted in around 70 drama series, for the Nordic audiences to enjoy in broadcast and on demand, whenever they plase .

These productions are uniquely Nordic with world-class production value. No wonder the world is talking about Nordic drama.

The Nordic partners also co-produce drama for the young adult audience, while the collaboration on children’s content results in about 15 drama series each year.

What is N12?

N12 is a yearly package of 12 Nordic drama series with 12-month rights in the Nordic region.

The current catalog features productions from N12 2023 to 2025, to the extent that they are confirmed at this point.


DR: Ditte Christiansen: DICH@dr.dk

NRK: Vibeke Kristoffersen: vibeke.kristoffersen@nrk.no

RUV: Margrét Jónasdóttir: margret.jonasdottir@ruv.is

SVT: Amna Maksumic: amna.maksumic@svt.se

Yle: Tarja Granvik: tarja.granvik@yle.fi

The Nordvision Secretariat: Tommy Nordlund: tono@dr.dk