The Nordic Public Service Media Partnership

The Nordvision partnership cooperate to strengthen Public Service Media in the Nordic region. The partners co-produce, exchange programs, co-develop formats and share knowledge, yearly generating more than 4.500 tv programmes.


The partners are DR (Denmark), NRK (Norway), SVT (Sweden), Yle (Finland), and RUV (Iceland), and 4 associated partners: KNR (Greenland), KVF (Faroe Islands), UR (Sweden), Sveriges Radio (SR, Sweden) and Ålands Radio & TV (Finland).


Nordvision want to be the best and most cooperative regional partnership for public service media in the world, also when it comes to digital content and publishing technology development.

Programme groups, collaborative forums and expert networks

A large proportion of the collaborative effort takes place within the programming and professional groups that meet twice yearly; in the spring and autumn. These meetings are the best way to pitch and present your projects to locate Nordic co-producers and partners within Nordvision. Current meeting dates may be found in our event calendar.

The Nordic cooperation also contains a number of expert groups who also meet regularly to exchange experience and knowledge.

Nordvision Secretariat 

The Nordvision Secretariat in Copenhagen secure, develop and creates the framework in close collaboration with the partners and has a number of tools at its disposal: among others the Nordvision Fund (revenue from distribution of the channels in the region), the Nordvision’s digital distribution system (Nordif3)  and co-production and format databases. The Secretariat helps to shape and build relevant platforms so the partners can cooperate practically and flexibly.


Nordvision Fund

The Nordvision Fund gets its revenues from cable distribution of TV programmes from the partners in the Nordic countries. The funds money is earmarked for Nordic co-productions and joint projects, and aims to strengthen the Nordic cultural cooperation and to stimulate the use of Nordic authors and performing artists.

More info about the Nordvision Fund on the Scandinavian section (partially in English)

Nordvision key figures 2020

Total number of programme episodes 2020: 4,675 episodes (co-productions, programmes and archive exchange)

Co-productions: 2207 co-produced episodes / 1703 hours

The Nordvision fund: 58 co-productions received support from the Nordvision fund (2019: 81)

38 development projects received support from the Nordvision fund (2019: 43)

Program exchange: Exchange total: 2,468