European societies are changing fast, and so are we.

Media and public service broadcasting are acting in a constant stage of transformation and market changes. We must meet this challenge by raising the quality of our content and services even further, embrace new technology and new distribution platforms.

We develop organizations that are more distinct, innovative, more diverse and more flexible.

We want to stay competitive; with unique stories and world class content.

But while some things change fast, others should not change at all. We rest on the same stabile foundation of legitimacy editorial independence and trust from our audiences as the core backbone to everything we do.

With the EU taking its place as an influential global legislator on digital, data and technology, maintaining an active presence in Brussels and in European decision making is increasingly crucial for us.

With a fast-changing digital environment, legislation from the EU have major impact on us as national media companies, making it important for the Nordic companies to play an active part in developing policies and new regulation on a European level.

Regular dialogues with the EU institutions and key stakeholders in Brussels are critical in representing the interests of Nordic public service media companies with a single voice. We make sure that policymakers are up to date, to be able to make informed decisions impacting our businesses and our society.

By engaging with representatives from the EU institutions and relevant stakeholders, the Brussels office of Nordvision also ensures that the Nordic public service companies have an advanced understanding on recent EU developments and can continue to play a vital role in European culture, society and public debate.

The Nordic companies are members of the European Broadcasting Union, the world’s foremost alliance of public service media.