Policy and positions

With great power comes great responsibility

Media has an enormous power to influence societies, and with great power comes great responsibility. We are eager to continue developing in line with that obligation and to serve audiences where, how and when they engage with us.

Our goal as public service media companies is to ensure that content of public value remains found and accessed by audiences everywhere, and that it continues to play a central role in stimulating the European creative economy and cultural diversity.

European regulations related to digitalisation and competition have come to play a very important role here.

Nordvision wants to actively participate in the ongoing fundamental European discussions on ensuring democracy and freedom of speech. By early on analysing the implications of legislation and policies, we want to be able to advocate for a framework and solutions that best serve free and independent media, as well as driving digitalization and innovation. To support this, we publish policies and positions that contributes to the European debate.

Areas of specific interest for us during 2020 include;

  • The digital single market,
  • Fair competition in online markets
  • Securing principles of media pluralism, freedom of speech/journalistic security.

All of Nordvision positions and strategies published here are defined and decided jointly by the Nordic public service companies.

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