Public Service Originals

A stronger collaboration for more Nordic quality drama

The Nordic public service media companies DR, NRK, RUV, SVT and YLE are renowned world-wide for outstanding Nordic drama productions.

High quality drama, with a clear local anchoring, and strong public service ambitions, has become one of our distinguishing trademarks.

To ensure that strong, local drama remains a trademark of the Nordic public service broadcasters in a digital world, the Nordvision partners have built a stronger public service drama portfolio together. This means an increased volume of Nordic drama which each company has available on its on-demand service, and better publishing rights for the members of the Nordic partnership.

This clear focus on drama reflecting Nordic culture and identity fits naturally with the public service mission, with a genuine and recognizable offering that sets Nordic public service apart from other content providers.

The initiative is called Nordic Twelve (N12)

N12 is a yearly offering of 12 Nordic drama series. The cooperation secures one-year rights for all series in the Nordic region.

This is the third edition of the N12 catalog; N12 2020, N12 2021, as well as some series that are being prepared for a 2022 launch.

The Nordic partners also co-produce between ten and twelve Young Adult drama series per year. The collaboration on Children’s content results in about 14 drama series each year.

What is N12?

N12 is a yearly package of 12 Nordic drama series with 12-month rights in the Nordic region.

The current catalog features productions from N12 - 2020 and N12 - 2021, as well as a first look into productions slated for a 2022 launch.


Contact info - Nordic 12

Each NV company have appointed a contact person for (better) coordinating N12 information, information on N12 marketing material and N12 publishing, including N12 launch dates:

DR: Ditte Christiansen:

NRK: Vibeke Kristoffersen:

RUV: Hera Ólafsdóttir:

SVT: Amna Maksumic:

Yle: Ari Savinen: