Nordvision Social Media Academy

Welcome to the Nordvision Social Media Academy 2018!


Comfort Hotel Runway (shuttle bus 44 from Oslo Airport)
Hans Gaardersvei 27
2060 Gardermoen,


Please contact one of the following: 

Laurie MacGregor, NRK
Tuija Aalto, Yle
Christian Loiborg, DR
Rose-Marie Dahlström, Svenska Yle
Susanna Stubberöd, SVT
Ísgerður Elfa Gunnarsdóttir, RUV
Øystein Espeseth-Andresen, Nordvision

Working language: English

Nordvision Social Media Awards

As part of the evening program, we recognize some of the best work done by the participating companies in the recent months. You are welcome to submit your own work, as well as praise that of your colleagues.

Submit an entry to Nordvision Social Media Awards here

What is the Nordvision Social Media Academy?

Social media staff from accross the entire Nordvisjon network will gather on 29th – 30th May 2018 at the Comfort Hotel Runway, close to Oslo airport Gardermoen.

On the agenda are keynote speakers from international organisations, workshops run by experts on Facebook groups, best publishing practises on Instagram and more, and simple learning sessions from each of the broadcasters. We guarantee that you’ll come home with concrete ideas you’ll be able to action immediately!

The overall theme is how social media helps us strengthen our relationship with the communities - as we are licence or tax funded, we have a special focus on serving the national communities - and we discuss how social media helps us in that mission.   

Confirmed speakers and projects

Andy Carvin - Social reporting: How social engagement can enhance journalism

Andy Carvin (@acarvin on Twitter) is an award-winning journalist who has pioneered new forms of online collaboration for nearly 20 years. Most recently he served as sr. editor-at-large for the social video startup NowThis, developing the company’s breaking news strategy and serving as lead editor for major breaking news stories ranging from international terrorism to the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane season. 

Andy Carvin shares his experiences at NowThis, NPR and on how to engage online communities to expand your newsgathering and storytelling

Read the full bio here

Rasmus Kolbe/Lakserytteren/HelloRasmus

Rasmus Kolbe, the danish social media star Lakserytteren, will talk about engaging with young audiences.

“Hello, I’m Rasmus and I make entertaining videos for YouTube, and Snapchat basically about everything. My other big passion is drawing, and I try to combine that with my videos to inspire my audience to be more creative themselves.
My favorite thing about being an influencer is to interact with my followers, and I do that, as much as I can when creating my content. Enough said – just watch my videos!”

Find his different channels:
Snapchat: @Lakserytteren



Digitalsnack Social media Agency

Digitalsnack is a Sweden-based Social media agency that helps brands and organisations reduce the worktime and increase the effect of social media. Digitalsnack also hosts one of the largest social media podcasts in Sweden where they educate and provide practical tips for their audience.

With a client portfolio ranging from smaller businesses to internationally known brands from all the Nordic countries, Digitalsnack has a broad experience building brand awareness and engagement in a fast changing social media landscape.

Elina Lisa Leino, Producer, YleX

Elina is currently working as a producer of digital content for YleX. She has worked at YleX for three years, first as a social media manager and content creator and later as a producer. She has developed several short and long form video series that have gained a lot of attention in Finland online.

Elina has a background in filming and editing as well as social media. Before joining YleX, she has worked for example for Flow Festival and as a freelancer.

What choices have to be made to achieve social video success? Elina Lisa Leino presents case YleX.

Timo Kämäräinen (43) - Exec. online producer - Yle

Timo Kämäräinen (43) is the executive online producer for News and Current Affairs at Yle. Timo is also in charge of social media strategy for the department. His role is so called bridge role, as he connects newsroom and development team. Timo has worked at Yle for over 20 years and served in several management positions." 

Linda Haglund - Uppdrag Granskning, SVT

Linda Haglund works with digital content at SVT's program for investigative journalism, Mission Investigate. As a part of the online team, she manages news articles and releases and optimizes social media content and impact. Linda has previously worked with communication at Yle in Helsinki and the ASF in New York.

SVT’s Mission Investigate used social media to create added content to a documentary about medical restraint within psychiatric care. The result was five selfie filmed testimonies about being held in restraints. Mission Investigate’s Linda Haglund tells about the project, the problems they encountered and the result



Clara Ceder, UR - Tänk till

Tänk Till is UR's youth channel targeting people aged 16-20. Our aim is to provide a platform that voice youth’s thoughts and opinions on matters that are relevant in their lives. I’ll show Tänk Till’s most recent Youtube format, present how we’ve developed this in co-creation with our users and how we work to nourish relations with our followers.

Tuesday 29

 Registration from 11-12

12 - 12.30Lunch
12.30Welcome w/ Laurie MacGregor, NRK
12.45 - 13.45Keynote: Andy Carvin, Social reporting - How social engagement can enhance journalism.
13.45 - 14.00Break
14.00 - 14.45Keynote: Rasmus Kolbe (Lakserytteren)
14.45 - 15.00Break with snacks
15.00- 17.45Tracks/workshops 
45 min each
1 workshop does 3 loops (All participants can choose three groups)
4 separate workshops: Andy Carvin, Lakserytteren, Groups and Instagram
17.45 - 19.30Break
21.00Social media awards

Wednesday 30

09.00 - 09.30Digitalsnack - Sweden's SoMe-podcasteers give us a crash course in engagement
09.30 - YleX + Q&A w/ Elina Lisa Leino, Yle
09.50 - 10.15SVT: Uppdrag Granskning + Q&A w/ Linda Haglund, SVT
10.15 - 10.30Break
10.30 - 11.00Youth news initiative on social media: Conveying news on Snapchat and Messenger w/ Christian Loiborg, DR
11.00 - 11.15Relaunching of the Instagram accounts Yle x3m Fokus (news for young people) and Yle x3m guld (enterntainment for young people). w/ Björn Karlsson, Svenska Yle. 
11.15 - 11.30DR Hacked: What can we learn from young video talents? What can they learn from us? w/ Frederick Larsen, DR
11.30 - 11.45UR: Tänk till, w/ Clara Ceder
12.00Lunch and farewell

Alterations may occur

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