Collage on the wall of legendary music store Neseblod (Nosebleed) in Oslo.

Norwegian black metal becomes a Nordic cultural venture

Over four episodes, the new NRKdocumentary series explores a musical subculture originating in Norway.

Foto: Yle

Yle dives deep into historical waters

Five shipwrecks on the Baltic Sea floor hold incredible tales about our shared Nordic history. Until now, they have kept their secrets like...

Foto: Agnete Brun/StudioGeist, Tordenfilm/NRK


This NRK drama series for children gets away with taking the genre to the limit, maybe even a little beyond. Not only in the Nordic region, but across...

New Chair Øyvind Lund: We are competing with the best in the world

Media Director at NRK, Øyvind Lund, took up his position as Nordvision’s new Chair on 1 January 2019. In this interview, he gives his views on...

Foto: Ville Vilén/Yle

Cooperation makes winners of us all

In 2019, Nordvision will have existed for 60 years. The partnership has evolved and is now more necessary than ever. In these challenging times,...

SVT Young Adult drama "Festen".

Nordvision in great shape

As the Nordic public service partnership looks back on 2018 being its second-best year ever, Nordvision is set to turn 60 in absolute top form.

Undercover media collaboration behind exposure of international financial fraud

For almost a year and in deepest secrecy, Danish and German journalists have worked together to reveal the very core of a tax-refund scam amounting to...