Photo: Stina Stjernkvist/SVT

Arvinge okänd – the format that grew into a Nordic hit

The documentary series Arvinge okänd is a Nordic TV success story. In Sweden, the editorial team has been nominated for Stora journalistpriset (the...

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix.

News exchange gives Nordic audiences instant updates

2018 was an eventful year, not least for the Nordvision news exchange. Thanks to the sharing of fast and reliable information, and fibre-optic...

Louise Thornton at Festival of Digital Narratives. Photo: Ilmari Fabritius.

Seminars become a permanent feature

Over the past few years, Nordvision has occasionally organised staff seminars centred on four specific

themes. Interest in these meetings has become...

Foto: Thomas Gerhardt, DR

A Swedish take on BaseBoys? SVT is Up4it

With a successful version of DR’s Klassen in the bag, SVT now plans to pull off a similar trick. The target audience is a real challenge: 10 to...

Rasmus Kolbe heads a team of eight and is active on numerous social media platforms as ‘Lakserytteren’. Photo: Esben Johansen.

Social media star is active on ten platforms

Nordic public service providers face the same challenge to attract younger target groups. At the Social Media Academy in Oslo, Snapchat star Rasmus...

Code experts at Hack Day in Helsinki. Photo: Tommy Nordlund.

Developers played with ideas for almost 24 hours straight

50 developers met for the fourth time for Hack Day – to test new ideas, but also to compete and connect with their peers.

In March, NRK invited its Nordic colleagues to Oslo for two days of lectures, discussions and workshops. The theme for the gathering was ‘TV publishing in a new era’. The photo shows Susanna Balsvik from SVT talking to participants. Photo: Henrik Hartmann

TV publishing staff in a race against media users

People’s media habits are changing so fast that the Nordic public service TV stations are struggling to keep up. While all of the providers face the...