Copenhagen, September 26 & 27

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Program (work in progress)

Note: The program willl be updated during the summer. Some sessions and speakers are already confirmed. You'll find them below. Register for participation by clicking this link

FODN will start at 12.00 Thursday, and end at Friday at 15.30. 

KEY NOTE: The Chinese Tech Revolution 
Despite censorship and control, Chinese tech-companies are leading the way in new digital business models, and China is setting new standards for e-commerce, social media, drones, high speed trains, solar and electrical vehicles. Next step is China’s ambitious plan to become a global leader in AI in 2030, already a frontrunner in the application of voice and object recognition. Presenter: Christina Boutrup (DK), author, leading China analyst and former correspondent.

Storytelling in stills (NRK) 
Is it possible to truly engage mobile readers with a story about climate change? In this presentation photo journalist Patrick da Silva Sæther discusses how he and journalist Mads Nyborg Støstad made a visual climate story that became one of the most read stories ever on Presenter: Patrick da Silva Sæther


KEY NOTE: The History (and future) of Web Design
This year, Taschen published the definitive history of web design, imaginatively entitled "The History of Web Design". Lars will take you down memory lane and talk about the key events of the last 25 years of the web, as well at attempt to extrapolate some key learnings that might give us an idea of, where we will be 25 years from now. Presenter: Lars Bastholm

Ultra:Bit (DR) 
How do you strengthen the impact of your public service content by strong involvement and co-creation with the audience – transcending traditional platforms and engaging civil society? 60,000 kids in 4th grade in Denmark actively take part in a three-year programme known as ultra:bit, which aims to transform students from passive technology consumers to digital pioneers. Together with more than 30 civil society partners, DR has distributed 60,000 micro-computers to schools throughout the country in order to engage kids in digital creativity. Presenter: Camilla Laudrup

165 slides by Dries Depoorter
Dries Depoorter will bring an entertaining presentation about all his latest projects. Dries will talk about the process and showcase work in process. 

Discover all his crazy apps, games and interactive installations presented all over the world.

Artificial Intelligence, the Universe and Everything Digital Storytelling about the big questions in life
The internet is not only a great place for kittens, it is also a huge forum for people thinking about the big questions in life – where do we come from, what are we doing here, what comes next? Far away from hate speech and fake news there is a big crowd that cannot dig deep enough. Giving insights in some of the reward winning projects she worked on, such as „What to believe in“, „Do Not Track“ or „Homo Digitalis“, Christiane Miethge will talk about her experiences telling digital stories that really matter. 

Tour Of Europe - European social media successes 
The journey begins in Switzerland where the youth department has been producing for third-party-platforms for the past three years. We will have a look at the first YouTube morning show, we will see why influencer want to work with public media and we will also have a look at formats that can reach young and old people at the same time. After that we will have a look at great social-formats from various countries all over Europe – and yes, we will also have a look at a couple of things that haven’t worked out. Hop in and enjoy the ride! Presenters: Zoe Farac and Manuel Thalman (SUI)

More speakers

#FollowMe: the shady industry behind Instagram (NL), presenters: Belle Boender (producer) & Nicolaas Veul, award-winning documentary director and TV host

On Children/Kidz– storytelling with video games. (Taiwan). Presenter: Yang Lee, Head of PTS+ , the OTT streaming service, of PTS.

The Great Moose Migration. SLOW TV and user engagement (SVT). Presenter: Johan Erhag

Workshop: News for young people - creating new digital offers (DR)



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Christina Boutrup

Christina Boutrup is a leading China analyst and former correspondent. As a journalist she travelled in most parts of The Middle Kingdom and covered areas such as business, economy, environment and social issues for more than a decade, hosting radio- and TV shows about China. She interviewed Aliababa’s founder Jack Ma and closely followed the global expansion of Chinese companies authoring several books about business in China. Most recently “The Great Tech Revolution – How China is Shaping Our Future” which has been endorsed by several influential business leaders, including Jim Hagemann Snabe, chairman of A.P. Moller Maersk and Siemens who calls it a “must read”.

Presenting: KEY NOTE: Time to Copy China - the Chinese Tech Revolution 

Lars Bastholm

Lars Bastholm (US) brings a unique perspective, having held C-level creative leadership positions at both brands (Google), traditional agencies (Ogilvy) and digital agencies (AKQA). Lars has led creative teams around the world, most recently overseeing teams in 16 locations during his time at Google. Lars is currently working on his musical entertainment start-up, Mic Drop. Additionally, he works as a creative strategy, marketing and branding consultant. He has contributed to 4 books published by Taschen, most recently writing the foreword to "The History of Web Design" (2019).

Presenting: KEY NOTE: The History (and future) of Web Design – in 30 minutes

Yang Lee

Yang Lee began his career as a research fellow at R&D department in Taiwan Public Television Service (PTS). In 2014, he joined the New Media department and initiated the policy development for the new media service. Since 2017 he is in charge of the PTS+ , the OTT streaming service, of PTS.

Presenting: 2 On Children/Kidz– storytelling with video games

Manuel Thalman (SUI)

Manuel Thalman, Head Of “Youth Department” at Swiss Radio and Television (SRF)

Presenting: Tour of Europe - European Social Media successes

Zoe Farac (SUI)

Zoe Farac is a Format Developer “Youth Family Entertainment Department” at Swiss Radio and Television (SRF)

Presenting: Tour of Europe - European Social Media successes

Patrik da Silva Sæther

Patrick da Silva Sæther has a photojournalism degree from Oslo Metropolitan University, and works as a photojournalist i NRK, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. 

Presenting: Storytelling in stills (NRK)

Christiane Miethge

Christiane Miethge is a German author, filmmaker and creative producer focussing on digital storytelling for more than a decade. Producing and directing projects for ARD, ARTE, ORF, NFB and many more, Christiane has experimented with lots of different storytelling formats: from transmedia to interactive to games. Her conclusion: find the story that really matters to your audience and everything else will fall into place. 

Presenting: Artificial Intelligence, the Universe and Everything Digital Storytelling about the big questions in life

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This is Festival of digital narratives

During these two days you will meet an inspirational presentation of some of the very best international digitally based Public Service projects from recent years. The projects to be presented will represent a variety of different modes of storytelling. On stage you will also meet a number of internationally acclaimed Key Note speakers from all over the world. After each presentation there will be a short Q&A-session.

You can read more about the festival in this article, and also about last years event in Helsinki.  

Who is this for?

The audience in the room will be up to 220 Nordic creatives and producers, journalists, managers etc - from all Public Service Broadcasters (Yle, Swedish Yle, NRK, SVT, UR, RUV and DR) working in digital, some in tv and radio and others in strategy, marketing etc.

Where is it?

Koncerthuset, DR Byen, Copenhagen

What does it cost?

Until August 20, the price will be 830 DKK (c. 110 EUR) as an earlybird price. After August 20, it will cost 970 DKK (c. 130 EUR).
The price includes access to the event, lunch sandwich both days and coffee breaks. It does not include any other meals, travel or hotel costs.

Note: "DJ-puljen" will cover the participation fee for their DR members. Need more info? Please contact Kåre V. Poulsen ( for more info.