Nordvision is looking for a new Secretary General

Nordvision is looking for a visionary, energetic and diplomatic leader for the Nordvision Secretariat. The job will start on 1 July 2024 and is for a four-year term.

Nordvision wants to be the best and most cooperative regional partnership for public service media in the world. The partnership has existed for 65 years and the Nordic public service media collaboration has become increasingly important for the main partners, DR (Denmark), NRK (Norway), SVT (Sweden), RUV (Iceland) and Yle (Finland). Most recently, the partnership has developed new collaboration models for drama as well as children’s drama content. We are looking for a person who can contribute to make the Nordvision collaboration even stronger in future.

The job involves collaboration with a large number of dedicated employees and managers in the Nordic public service media companies, each of whom is highly skilled in their field. We can offer you a meaningful environment, where you and the Secretariat facilitate collaboration on strong public service content projects.

It is important that you have a solid background in one of the Nordic public service companies, in particular that you have worked with content for either TV, radio or digital media products, and that you already have a strong network within one of the partners in Nordvision.

A large part of the collaborative effort takes place within the content genre groups (drama, children, young adult, investigative, culture, factual, sport) and within different expert groups which exchange knowledge. The Nordvision Secretariat (NVS) develops and coordinates many of these networks. NVS also secures, develops and creates the framework in close collaboration with the partners and has a number of tools at its disposal, including the Nordvision Fund (revenue from distribution of the channels in the region), Nordvision’s digital distribution system (Nordif3) and a co-production and format database.

The Secretary General (SG) is responsible for day-to-day operations, reports to the chairperson and the board of Nordvision (NV meeting).

The new SG will appoint the two new employees in the Secretariat. The SG’s duties include ensuring that the prerequisites for the cooperation’s goals and visions can be fulfilled.

Responsibilities of the job include (but are not limited to):

– Leading Nordvision’s collaboration in general, responsibility for budget and accounting, and for two employees

– Developing strategy in close connection with the partners’ demands and needs

– Developing and maintaining digital tools for the partnership

– The Nordvision Fund’s research & development resources and the accounting for this

– Information and communications in relation to the partners’ employees and management, including day-to-day communication, annual reports, newsletters, pitch session etc.

We would appreciate:

  • Strong management and collaboration skills based on trust, involvement and recognition.
  • Unpretentiousness, high integrity and the ability to motivate. Great team player skills and a strong belief that we collectively make each other better.
  • Strategic and analytical approach to solving tasks. You have initiative, good judgement and great capacity, both in terms of work and management.
  • Experience of public service media in the Nordic region
  • Good skills in oral and written English and understanding of the Scandinavian languages
  • Highly energetic approach, and you take pride in delivering on target and according to plan
  • Proactive attitude to establishing relations to the partners on all levels.

Please note that only employees at one of the Nordic public service partners can apply for this four-year fixed-term appointment. It is intended that the candidate who is recruited would remain employed by the partner where they are already employed. The location of the secretariat is decided in connection with the appointment of the SG.

The deadline for your application is Friday, 15 September. We are planning to hold candidate interviews via Teams on Friday, 6 October 2023. The application should be sent to Eva Beckmann and to Jannice Zotterman

If you have further questions, please contact Eva Beckman , Chair of Nordvision, or the present GS Henrik Hartmann,

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The Nordvision partnership cooperates to strengthen public service media in the Nordic region. The partners co-produce, exchange programmes, co-develop formats and share knowledge, generating more than 4,500 TV programmes annually. The partners are DR (Denmark), NRK (Norway), SVT (Sweden), Yle (Finland) and RUV (Iceland), Sveriges Radio (SR, Sweden) and four associated partners, KNR (Greenland), KVF (Faroe Islands), UR (Sweden) and Ålands Radio & TV (Finland). For more info see;