Culture and Factual - Fall 2021

Registration is now closed.

The dates for the meeting inn fall is set. If you have a pitch for culture, it will be held on Thursday, October 28. Factual will be held on Friday, October 29

Info below applies to those of you pitching: 

  1. Register your project in the project database – and keep it updated

All projects participating in the pitch need to be registered in Nordvision’s online project database (new user? Sign up here). Remember to upload your presentation as well as all available information. The better and more extensively your project is presented, the better the commissioning editors can make a substantiated decision on your project. We recommend that you upload any videos to Vimeo (need help on that? Contact Nordvision) and then link to them in the project database, as we cannot guarantee that the sharing of videos in Teams will be hassle free.

  1. Each project will have only 5 minutes, plus 4 minutes for questions

We’d hate to interrupt an interesting presentation, but we’ll see many time-worthy presentations on this day, and the rule of five minutes per project will be final. Please make sure you can do you presentation within that time limit. The commissioning editors will have four minutes for questions after each pitch so they can get the info they need to make a decision on the projects.

  1. Arrive in time

Please have a look at the schedule and make sure you join the Teams meeting well ahead of your designated time slot (10 minutes will be enough). If there’s another project being presented when you arrive, just sit back for a while and wait for your turn.

  1. Have your presentation ready

Have your presentation window open and ready to share on your computer. If there are several of you pitching your project, select one who does the screen-sharing.

  1. Camera on and mic muted

We all want to see who is pitching the project! So, activate your camera when it’s your turn. At all other times, have your camera in off mode and your mic muted so we avoid the risk of unwanted microphone feedback. A headset is highly recommended!

  1. After your presentation

When you’ve finished presenting and replying to questions, you’ve accomplished your part and are free to leave. Following the pitch day, our member companies will retreat to discuss the projects and then deliver their verdict. You can check the decision made on your project with your commissioning editor after day’s end.

If you have any questions or comments or want an invitation for the meeting, please be in touch with

Register your project for pitch

For the research and development (R&D) pitch, the commissioning editors hope to see examples of brave, alternative and grand thinking with a universal perspective (keep in mind that your project needs to be realizable outside of your own country too).

For the co-production projects, the commissioning editors want you to think streaming first, and would like your ideas to feature format potential.