Factual Pitch

Sted: Online

Welcome to the bi-annual factual pitch. The commissioning editors within this group have decided on the following brief.

The pitch is held online, and you will have 5 minutes for your presentation. All projects must be approved by your local commissioning editor prior to the pitch. You also need to register your project in our database.

Before you can attend, you will get an email containing a confirmation on your participation, and a schedule for the day.

Factual brief:

We’re looking for ideas with the potential to become our next big streaming success – lead in series that can attract a large and broad audience to our streaming services.

We’re looking for content that stands out in the vast amount of content that audiences can choose from in today’s competitive streaming market.

– Preferably strong formats, that can be adapted into local versions.

– Or those unique and strong stories, that are relatable and engages an international audience.


– Large degree of innovation

– Ambitious enough to create curiosity amongst viewers

– Great storytelling that people will talk about

– Attracting a broad audience

– Nordic appeal

– Rights for life in the Nordics

– Generating great response!

– Bonus: potential to sell outside of the Nordics

– Bonus: ‘noisy’ stories and love crime/”whodidit” plots

– Bonus: if your show attracts teenagers and young adults too

If you have questions or comments, please reach out to the Nordvision secretariat.