Culture Pitch

Sted: Online

Welcome to the Nordic Culture Pitch for the spring of 2023! We will meet online on April 14. The Nordic commissioners may edit the brief, but until then, this is how the brief looked like in the fall.

Culture Brief: Spring 2023 – “Think big”

We are looking for arts and culture series with great storytelling with a broad appeal, and with a special focus reaching adults under 50 years.

We want to see timeless art and culture productions:

  • That deliver reach online with long tail
  • That can reach as many as possible within the group who enjoy culture occasionally
  • With relevant content that builds a catalogue in online services, contributing to our Nordic memory.

 We encourage you to bring fresh and surprising ideas and topics.


  • Arts & culture field
  • Nordic angle
  • Develop the ways we live up to our public service remit and strengthen the public service brand
  • Deliver reach online in the midlife demo (30+)
  • Ambitious, excellent quality, great storytelling
  • Timeless classics – of value also for coming generations
  • Great long tail potential
  • Curious content that contributes to a deeper understanding, a strong narrative tension
  • Rights for life in the Nordics
  • Generating great response!
  • Bonus: potential to create interest also outside of the Nordics