Public Service Originals

The Nordic public service media companies DR, NRK, RUV, SVT and Yle have in recent years been renowned for outstanding Nordic drama productions. High quality drama with a clear local anchoring and strong public service ambitions has become one of our distinguishing trademarks.

To ensure that strong, local drama remains a trademark of the Nordic public service broadcasters in a digital world, the Nordvision partners have decided to build a stronger public service drama portfolio. A strengthening that will increase both the volume of Nordic drama that each company have available on their streaming services as well as the quality of the publishing right the partners secure for each other. The initiative is called “Nordic Twelve” (N12).

The N12 Drama Catalog 2018-2020

What is N12?

N12 – is a yearly package of 12 Nordic drama series with 12 month of right in the Nordic region.

In the following you can find all the N12 drama series: N12 - 2018 and N12 - 2019, and you will be able to see who distributes these drama series.


Contact info - Nordic 12

Each NV company have appointed a contact person for (better) coordinating N12 information, information on N12 marketing material and N12 publishing, including N12 launch dates:

DR: Ditte Christiansen:

NRK: Vibeke Kristoffersen:

RUV: Hera Ólafsdóttir:

SVT: Susanna Balsvik:

Yle: Ari Savinen: